All of Denise Mina's crime novels.


The Long Drop

The Long Drop is Denise Mina's first foray into true crime. It is the story of Peter Manuel, a serial killer operating in the 1950s in Glasgow.

True crime stories always have two versions: the official verdict and the story people tell each other. Sometimes the difference is staggering.

On the 19th of September 1956 Peter Manuel broke into a suburban villa in Glasgow and shot three women in their beds. Then he made himself a ham sandwich. 

The father of the house, William Watt, was five hours drive away, on a fly fishing holiday but police still suspect him. Watt was odd. He had taken the guard dog with him, which he never did. He established his alibi like a man trying to establish an alibi. William Watt was accused of the murders and sent to prison for three months.

Released, Watt decided to investigate the murders himself and put out the word that he would pay for information. Peter Manuel came forward and the two men met for a drink in Glasgow. They spent eleven hours together, drinking, driving, talking. The next time they met was in the High Court in Glasgow, where Manuel was accused of those murders and many others.

The Long Drop is a reimagining of the trial and of the drunken night the two men spent carousing in Glasgow.


Detective Alex Morrow series

Police detective Alex Morrow tackles crime in Glasgow, a Scottish city where the boundaries between the law-abiding and the criminal worlds are very blurred, including in her own family.


Blood Salt Water

The latest book in the series sees a murdered women's body surface in Loch Lomond, bringing Glasgow police detective Alex Morrow to nearby Helensburgh.

It seems to be a quaint and sleepy place but this apparently idyllic Victorian town is shot through with deception, lies and vested interests.

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Red Road

As DI Alex Morrow investigates the death of a young businessman, she uncovers a vicious network of power and corruption reaching back 20 years. To the night Princess Diana died and a 14-year-old girl sat in a car with a dead body, the murder weapon still in her hand.

The fourth book in the series

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Gods and Beasts

Recently back at work after the birth of her twins, Detective Sergeant Morrow is faced with the murder of a grandfather in a post office raid - a raid he appeared to assist with. Meanwhile a corrupt politician is fighting for his career and the police force itself is in turmoil.

The third book in the series and winner of the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.

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The End of the Wasp Season

Set against the backdrop of the global financial recession, Morrow investigates the extremely brutal murder of a woman in a expensive suburb of Glasgow. But what is the connection with the suicide of a failed banker?

The second book in the series and winner of the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.

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Still Midnight

The first in the series and Morrow has to deal with seems to be a botched kidnapping and ransom case when an elderly British Asian man is snatched from his home by a gang.

But the deeper she digs the more mysteries are revealed.

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The Paddy Meehan series

Paddy Meehan is an aspiring reporter on the Scottish Daily News, a fictional newspaper in Glasgow in the 1980s. As she digs for stories, the crimes she uncovers shock the city, her family and herself.


The Last Breath

Published as A Slip of the Knife in the USA

Journalist Paddy Meehan now has it all: flash car, flat, dream job as Scotland's leading columnist. But when her ex-lover and fellow reporter Terry Patterson is found dead in ditch he leaves all his notes to her. And so she becomes the next target...

The third book in the series

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The Dead Hour

Reporter Paddy Meehan has been promoted to the night shift. Coming across what seems like a typical domestic incident she accepts £50 to keep it out of the newspaper. But when the woman is found dead the next morning, she may get the story but could lose everything if word gets out about the bribe.

The second book of the series

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The Field of Blood

Paddy Meehan dreams of being an investigative reporter at the Glasgow newspaper where she works as a copygirl. When a child goes missing in the city, unlike everyone else, Paddy doesn't believe the young boys blamed for the abduction acted on their own. But her digging leads her into conflict with her family, her community and puts her own life in danger.

The first book in the series

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A standalone novel, published as Deception in the USA.

When Dr Susie Harriot is convicted of the brutal murder of Andrew Gow, a serial killer in her care,  her husband Lachlan is determined to prove her innocence. He breaks into her attic office in their house and keeps a diary as he uncovers the secrets of the wife he seems he hardly knew.

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The Garnethill series

Maureen O’Donnell is a former psychiatric patient with personal experience of surviving sexual abuse. But when people she knows die violently she musters her compassion, courage and humour to delve into their lives and find the truth.



Maureen O'Donnell is about to end her affair with psychotherapist Douglas. But after a drunken night out she wakes to find him tied to a chair in her living room with his throat slit. The police suspect her and her brother Liam, pharmacist without portfolio. Maureen has to enter the world of people who either won’t, or can’t, speak to the police to find the real killer.

This book, the first of the Garnethill series, won the CWA John Creasy Dagger for Best First Crime Novel

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Maureen is working for Glasgow Woman’s Aid, helping victims of domestic abuse get out and away. There is no succor for her though, her family are still denying her sexual abuse by her father, she is haunted by a financial legacy from Douglas and her best friend and collaborator falls out with her. A woman on GWA’s files is found murdered in London and Maureen flees south to find out what happened to her.

The second book in the Garnehill series

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Maureen O'Donnell is back in Glasgow facing the darkest episode in her life: her father is polluting the city and she's wondering whether to kill him or herself. But when an stallholder in the flea market where she's working dies after a brutal beating, Maureen questions why anyone might want to kill the old woman...

The third book in the Garnethill series

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