Published as Deception in the USA

A standalone novel

A respected forensic psychiatrist is convicted of the gruesome murder of a serial killer ... but is she innocent?

When Dr Susie Harriot is convicted of the brutal murder of Andrew Gow, a serial killer in her care, it looks certain that she will be given a life sentence, depriving her of her home, her family and her two-year-old daughter.

Susie's husband, Lachlan, is determined to find the evidence to support an appeal and prove her innocence. Every night he sits in Susie's study and goes through her papers - her case notes, her interviews with Gow, and the press cuttings from the trial.

But the more Lachlan uncovers, the more questions arise, leaving him wondering about the secrets his wife was hiding...



"Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy ensured her a seat at the top table of British mystery writing. Sanctum is her first stand-alone novel - and it is quite simply brilliant."

Peter Guttridge in The Observer

"In her new novel, set in the comfortable professional household of a prison psychiatrist who treats the damaged goods of the no-hope slums, Mina executes a stunning shift in style and tone to come up with an entirely different perspective on her recurring theme -- that domestic dysfunction breeds criminal violence."

Marilyn Stasio in the New York Times

Few writers can create such in-depth character studies. And this is exactly what Sanctum is— a multi-layered, revealing character study told by a young man who’s not all that likable but definitely fascinating.
— Cathy Cole, GoodReads