IDP: 2043

Denise was the story editor for this graphic novel, commissioned by the Edinburgh International Book Festival for its 2013 Stripped programme.

The year is 2043. Melting ice caps have caused sea levels to rise. Across the world populations have abandoned low-lying cities to create new sprawling townships on high ground. Scarce resources have created a vast social chasm. The rich have access to everything; technology, healthcare and power, while the poor have nothing.  

Cait McNeil is a presenter on reality TV hit, Sky Farm. Filmed in a pioneering, hi-tech tower, she's the 'bit of rough' from the shanty towns that complements urbane co-presenters and Sky Farm residents, Danny and Jools.

But something is wrong. The hybrid, genetically re-engineered livestock developed by Sky Farm’s scientists are going berserk. And someone has just brutally murdered Cait's boyfriend. Who is the mysterious Gartman and what are his plans for Cait? What are the secrets in Cait’s past that have placed her in mortal danger?

A stellar cast of British and European writers and artists collaborated to produce IDP: 2043 including:


“Expertly matching authors with the perfect artists to paint their words, each chapter of IDP: 2043 re-creates the sense of beginning something completely new and newly fascinating, without ever wandering too far from the story that makes it so compelling or the themes that make it so unnerving.”

Ross McIndoe in The Skinny

Awards and nominations

Shortlisted for the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance Best Graphic Novel Award and Best Cover Award 2015.

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