Paddy Meehan has just started her new job as a copygirl at a Glasgow newspaper, where she dreams of becoming an investigative journalist.

A child goes missing in the city, taken from the front garden of his home - and the investigation leads the police to the doors of two young boys.

She starts looking into the case of the missing child but, unlike everyone else, does not believe the boys acted on their own. Convinced there is more to it than this, she begins to ask some very awkward questions.

But Paddy's investigation has repercussions she never anticipated. Shunned by those closest to her, she finds herself dangerously alone...




Mina’s vivid descriptions and unerringly accurate dialogue are a pure pleasure to read and to savor. Instead of telling you how something is, she shows you.
— Lilian, GoodReads

BBC TV adaptation

The BBC turned The Field of Blood into a successful television series in 2011 starring David Morrissey, Jayd Johnson, Peter Capaldi, Ford Kiernan and Katherine Kelly.

Actors Jayd Johnson, David Morrissey and Katherine Kelly

You can see clips and interviews with the cast from the series on the BBC website.

"Imagine my dismay: it was better than the book."

Denise gives her opinion of the adaptation in this blog post, also on the BBC website

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Published in 2005