The Last Breath

Published as Slip of the Knife in the USA

Third book in the Paddy Meehan series

A secret worth killing for - and she's next in line...

Everything is going well for journalist Paddy Meehan. She finally has a flat of her own, and the job she always wanted, as one of Scotland's leading newspaper columnists.

Then the police knock at her door with the news that her former lover, Terry, has been found in a ditch, shot through the head. Even though they'd split up months before, Paddy is down as the next of kin, and has been left everything, including a box of notebooks...

He was her first lover and her hero, the sort of journalist she always aspired to be.

As Paddy tries to uncover what it was Terry wanted her to discover, it soon becomes clear that he was about to expose a secret.

A secret worth killing for. And Paddy is next in line...



"These books excel on every level... Mina's series is rapidly turning into a sophisticated piece of writing which traces a social history not just of newspapers but also of the UK. The books are simply outstanding."

Sharon Wheeler on Reviewing the Evidence

“Even when the reader...  knows, or at least thinks he or she knows, what will happen next, it is impossible not to read voraciously on in order to discover the meticulously specific details that Mina is about to reveal.”

M Wayne Cunningham on the January Magazine website

These are more than just crime stories. They are multi-leveled stories of Scotland and its politics, the class divisions, religion, the decline of journalism, sex and relationships and a plot that involves all of the above.... Yes, sure, you have to think and stay on your toes when you read Denise Mina - but who wants to read flat-footed?
— Melody, GoodReads

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Read an interview with Denise in The Observer newspaper in 2007 about the Paddy Meehan series and the inspiration for this and her other work to date.

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Published in 2007